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Vol II is coming next year in 2022, entitled The Charm City Collective.  A lot more shenanigans' from your favorite characters from Ghost Town & Brick City, NJ but sprinkled heavily with the seasoning of the characters from another pivotal part of my life in Baltimore- known affectionately as Charm City.

I've been working on this for the last 3 years and finally it will see the light of day next year.  For those fans who may like the antics of Don Corione, Jay BaDouche & Hak Hennessy or any of the originals - don't worry, they're all here but they are not the focal point this time around.  That right is given to the likes of Van Jigg, Vocab, Native, Nappy Ho, Imani and a slew of others who all played integral parts in my life during the 2 years I was in B-More.  Technically, it was 27 months and in that timespan I received a lifetime of brotherhood and bonding relationships with the majority of the people you will invest in throughout this story.

For the hell of it - I'm gonna release a few excerpts over the next couple months from this VOLUME while it's in its editing/typesetting phase.  While all of that is happening, I'll be finishing the 3rd entry - GTO: Ghost Town Originals.  Shhhhh- don't tell anybody - you're literally the only person I'm telling this - right at this moment.