So, in December of 2017, I decided to bring to life (characters that my two closest friends and I created based on some real life personas) and decided to have them live in between the sacred pages of an actual book.  I self published it and it did fairly well among people I know.  Sure, its an entertaining yet controversial read throughout, but even I knew that it was probably not going to be well received by everybody.  Either way, I didn't care about that plus I realized that this was not going to be a one off for me.  I was enjoying it waaay to much. 

As a creator and artist, I have written hundreds of songs and always had a very imaginative mind.  Write a book though- me?  It was never a thought until I got off the phone (with one of those two closest friends aforementioned) one day and suddenly realized that I had the makings of an actual book series here.  A franchise with real legs, if you will.  All I needed was my imagination, my already sometimes sick sense of humor and overall dedication to make sure I finished the damn thing.

Well, fast forward to January of 2019 and fate had me come across Hayley Paige on Twitter - the owner of Notebook Publishing, based in the United Kingdom.  7 hours of continuous dialogue (and that is not exaggeration) she asked me to submit my manuscript to her and she'd get back to me with real feedback.  45 minutes later, she DM'd me and told me she loved what she read!  She said my writing was very "raw and genuine."  Without actually reading the entire thing, she knew that she wanted to work with me- and the feeling was mutual.  All of 2018, I had countless amount of letters coming to my home and/or emails from different publishing companies who wanted to see if I'd be interested in publishing my book with their company.  I almost pulled the trigger with one of them, but am thankful that I didn't.  There was something very real that I got with Notebook Publishing and Hayley in a whole and I knew in my heart that she was who I was waiting for to do business with. 

After signing on with Notebook Publishing in March of 2019, it has taken just over a year to actually get my book ready for actual industry standard publication from front to back.  Their entire team gave my baby the face lift it needed to justify a re-launch.  In my eyes, this is the 1st launch though and I'm ready for numerous ones ahead of me. Now, all I can say is...watch out world- there's a new writer in town and he doesn't take to kindly to second place.

MentallyOrganizedBusiness: The Novel


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